Winter Driving Tips from Rain-X:

This winter is a nightmare with severe winter storm road conditions. Driver visibility is critical and the makers of Rain-X urge motorists to follow the tips below to insure not only your safety but the safety of others: 

1.      Use a high quality glass cleaner and window treatment to improve wet weather driving visibility on your windshield and glass. 

2.      Change your wiper blades every 6-12 months so that they make proper contact with the windshield surface. Old blades can begin to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak reducing driving visibility. 

3.      Use a superior windshield wiper fluid and/or de-icer fluid with a streak-free formula for advanced cleaning power. The blue low quality wiper fluid can cause wiper blades to crack or break and does not protect against streaking.

4.      Apply an anti-fog glass treatment to avoid unwanted fog that might appear on the exterior and interior of your car to avoid impair visibility.

Noteworthy Products:

Here's TechnoDad's list of winners that offer geeks high value and utility for the money.

  • Bluetooth headphones offer great value and you don't have to stick them in your ears!
  • NuGuard GripStand 2 from NewerTech. This sturdy stand can even be used as a handle to carry your iPad 2 around. Also available for iPad.
  • Escort Live. Utilizing Bluetooth, this radar detector power cord can communicate with your smart phone via an app that allows you and other drivers to instantly convey radar/laser threats.
  • A new lineup of very affordable GE Digital cameras with prosumer features.
  • Goal Zero's lineup of solar chargers for your gadgets.
  • Tagg pet tracker prevents you from ever losing your dog using advanced GPS.
  • TV Phone. This small device (yes, it does look like a certain type of breakfast biscuit) turns your TV into a high-definition phone.
  • CCrane's WiFi Radio allows you or your computer-less mom or dad to listen to their favorite Pandora or internet Biscotti tunes anywhere there is WiFi.
  • Sony's Vita PlayStation game device allows older kids and adults to have portable fun.

MasterPry LED pry tools

If you've ever tried to replace/upgrade the original equipment radio in your car or truck, these simple pry tools are essential to avoid damaging fragile plastic trim on the dash. In my case, the radio in my VW completely died, and I had to replace it with an aftermarket unit. I had an old butter knife that did a fairly good job of prying the trim off, however because it was metal, I ended up scratching the surface.

When I had to remove the radio a second time to install a Sirius/XM radio addition, I chose to use a General Technician Equipment (GTE) MasterPry LED tool set. The edge on one of the tools was perfect for separating the trim panel around my radio without marring the surface. The plastic tool slid easily but had a good grip, and I really appreciated the built-in LED light. The second tool in the set is a Fork Tip tool that's great for popping off door panels and headliners without damaging the attachment posts.

The MasterPry LED tool set is $44.95 at GTE's website. If you are even just an occaisional automotive DIYer, I heartily recommend these tools.

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